Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Casual

by Tiffany Paul


Sometimes keeping it simple can be trickier than it really should be. Especially when you’re trying to look cute, comfortable, cool, and effortless all at the same time; it’s easy to get lost in adding that  sassy pair of earrings, a wedged shoe, maybe the ironed jeans with the cool zippers, and all the other things you might instinctively add.  The thing to remember in these cases is this: less is more (that includes the thinking process).

For this month’s Style Guide to “casual” I opted for a simple white T-shirt, boyfriend cut jeans (cuffed at the ankles for that little extra flair), and a pair of sandals.  I selected my gray Sleeper Scarf  and still maintained that effortless #wokeuplikethis (we all know I didn’t) attitude. This look works perfectly on any casual occasion that you can think of, in this case: lounging at a park. A scarf can really be the perfect thing to bring with you to keep that evening chill off, and keep the “chill” vibe. So next time you’re heading for a relaxed day out, be sure to take your Sleeper Scarf.