What To Pack: San Francisco

by Tiffany Paul

San Francisco is famously known for it’s iconic old landmarks, like: The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, the Transamerica Pyramid building, but also synonymously known for the tech boom and all of the multi-billion dollar companies which call the Bay Area their home. With all the booming business to be found here it is almost ironic (but also notorious) that the fashion in San Francisco is very relaxed.

True to that California relaxed style, San Franciscans prioritize comfort over style. So if you’re wondering what to pack for this amazing city, no need to feel intimidated to trapeze around the hills in a pair of heels. In fact, the secret to packing for San Francisco will be in the layers you choose to bring and the shoes which can carry you the furthest. There is so much to discover here in this 7x7 by city; if you’d like to read more on that make sure to check out my City Spotlight blog on San Francisco.

No matter the time of year, the key thing to remember when packing for San Francisco is that it can get chilly once the bay breeze sweeps in and the sun goes down. Some of the essentials you’ll want to bring will include: a pair of jeans (Levi’s if you want to really be true to San Francisco), a good variety of t-shirts or long sleeves depending on the year, a scarf, lightweight sweatshirt or jacket (or both) and most importantly a pair of comfortable flats; whether boots, tennis shoes or a pair of booties just make sure your shoes are made for walking! Walking the city is the best way to see it, but you have to be prepared for the enormous hills that can lurk behind any corner. 

Beyond the essentials, feel free to throw in some extra pieces like a pair of leather or leather lookalike leggings and a pretty blouse for that night out on the town. If you're daring enough to rock heels while visiting, be sure to stick to lower, walkable heels to complete your evening look, otherwise hey, there's always Uber.  

For more outfit packing ideas, make sure to check out my Pinterest board. 

What to pack for: SF