Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Beachy

by Tiffany Paul

Being a California girl, means I love the beach. So when launching this monthly segment on Sleeper Scarf style, “Beachy” was the first style I wanted to showcase. Having grown up in Minnesota, I don’t take for granted the fact that I can pretty much head to the beach year round. Sure, here in San Francisco we are notorious for foggy days, so I always like to dress in layers and that means rockin’ my Sleeper Scarf whenever possible. Simply take out the inflatable neck pillow and it wears as an everyday scarf. 

When looking to perfect this months “beachy” look, I decided to pair my grey Sleeper Scarf with a simple white tank top, jean shorts with lace detailing, a knit wrap and a lightweight fedora. Voila! I was ready to hit the beach. This look would work seamlessly whether you’re in California like myself, or visiting other beachy destinations. So, the next time you need a great layering piece and you’re headed to the beach, keep Sleeper Scarf in mind.