Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Business

by Tiffany Paul

This month’s Style Guide is for “Business." Often, I find myself going straight from the airport to a meeting & that being said: perfecting a business travel outfit is a must. A scarf will always come in handy when traveling, whether it get’s too chilly or you need a moment to catch some shut-eye. Then, on your way to work you can simply take out the inflatable pillow and maintain that polished, “It’s just business,” look.

For this look, I opted for a pair of gorgeous charcoal trousers, a black blouse, worn with my black Sleeper Scarf. I also included my trusted black pumps, a wardrobe staple for any modern business woman. I pulled my hair up into a sock bun, another know-how that will save you through your business travel times. The next time you’re in need of accomplishing a business savvy look, grab your Sleeper Scarf and layer it over your business basics. You’ll be ready to fly and handle any business presentation like the pro that you are!