Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Rocker

by Tiffany Paul

Didn’t we all just want to be rockstars growing up? All the glamour, the travel, the adoring fans...the idea was one we could dream about as we sang into our hairbrushes. Well, by channeling rockstar style we can still pretend that we are, except maybe this time we can sing along inside our heads instead of out loud...For this month’s Style Guide, I decided to style my Sleeper Scarf with a “Rocker” look. So, of course, part of channeling rockstar energy is having the courage to be bold with our choices. In Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and maybe even Rihanna fashion, I picked up my pink Sleeper Scarf and styled it around a look ready for the stage…..or the sidewalk (same thing, right?)

I opted for a pair of black leggings with leather panels, paired with spiked stiletto sandals, and a black leather jacket. I also went with a skull-printed graphic shirt, because what better occasion to pull something like that out, than this. So next time you’re getting ready to break into song, don’t forget to bring along your scarf; being cool doesn’t have to mean being cold!