What to Pack: London

by Tiffany Paul


Hello London! Internationally known as one of the world’s fashion capitals, rich with history and intrigue, and bursting with culture: London is the next inspirational travel destination. Although, with the city being almost always notoriously cold, packing can seem a bit of a challenge throughout the year. Londoners are style savvy; they’ve mastered either a clean-cut, polished or total edgy rocker aesthetic. You can reference style icons like Kate Moss or Victoria Beckham for that iconic London flair.


When packing, it is good to remember to make layering your friend. For summertime, I would suggest packing a pair of rain boots, a lightweight blazer, and a sweater. Take a cue from this year’s Pantone colors and opt for either a blush pink or a soft blue in your color palette to keep your look fresh.


For the wintertime, make layering your best friend. I would suggest packing rain boots, a raincoat, umbrella, gloves, and sweaters. If you choose classic neutral colors like camels, black, and cream you’ll easily achieve a classic look. Don’t forget your Sleeper Scarf as you will find in this chilly city that you’ll need more than tea to warm you up!