Holiday Gift Ideas for your Favorite Traveler

by Tiffany Paul

Gift Guide Revised.png

The holiday season is upon us! I couldn't be more excited this year to share my holiday gift guide with you; it's the perfect mix of gift ideas for the traveler in your life. Take a peek below!


The Sandless Beach Tote

File this under “too good to be true” - except it is! The Sandless Beach Tote allows sand to pass through, but not enter from the outside which means sand will be left at the beach, where it belongs.


Sleeper Scarf

Ditch that bulky neck pillow and travel in style with this 2-in-1 scarf and neck pillow combination. Inside this fashionable scarf is a hidden, inflatable neck pillow, which means getting your beauty rest while on-the-go has never been easier!


Cork Globe

Track your travels in three-dimensional style with this unique cork globe. It not only makes for a stylish addition to your home, but will certainly be a conversion piece as well.


The Tiny Instagram Projector

Free your photos from your phone with this miniature projector! This tiny Instragram projector brings your travel memories to life with your own mini slide show.


Interchangeable Cambiami Sandals

If you love to pack light, but without sacrificing style, these sandals with interchangeable straps need to find their way into your carry-on stat! Each pair includes multiple straps in different colors, so you can feel confident you have sandals for every outfit and occasion.


Pinch Provisions Travel Sets

Designed for minimum space, but maximum comfort you can feel fully prepared for your next flight with these stylish travel sets. Packed with everything to soothe a travel emergency- you’ll be thanked over and over again as the girl who has everything!


Atlas Obscura: An Explorer's Guide to the World's Hidden Wonders

For the wanderluster looking to take the road less traveled, this little gem of a book will clue you in on all the little odd nooks and hidden gems worth exploring in a city.


Skin Hangover Emergency Relief Kit

For the road warrior that needs to recharge, this kit includes everything needed to rejuvenate and restore skin and eyes after a long haul flight. Now, if only it cured jetlag too.