Celebrity Airport Look: Miranda Kerr

by Tiffany Paul

Miranda Kerr Airport Style

One of the reasons I love this look is that it reminds me of the old days when people proved their sophistication at the airport. Most of us don’t look this glamorous at the airport, but something about this classic look had me dying to test it out. I decided to try it on my next business trip, when I usually go the extra mile to look a bit more presentable since you never know who you'll run into on the plane or in the hotel lobby.

    I went on a mission to find that perfect, summertime travel dress that would be comfy enough for the plane, but classy enough for business travel. You can check out my video here for some shopping inspiration. I tried on a couple of different dresses before finally settling on the one that was most flattering to my body type, travel-ready, and made me feel as glamorous as Miranda Kerr looked. I paired it with a navy blazer, nude pumps (back up flats in my purse, for the plane ride), Ray Ban sunnies and a thin brown belt to pull the whole look together. 

     Check out my look & click through collage to find the pieces. You can also check out the collage above for some Miranda Kerr styled pieces, with budget-friendly options.

Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Rocker

by Tiffany Paul

Didn’t we all just want to be rockstars growing up? All the glamour, the travel, the adoring fans...the idea was one we could dream about as we sang into our hairbrushes. Well, by channeling rockstar style we can still pretend that we are, except maybe this time we can sing along inside our heads instead of out loud...For this month’s Style Guide, I decided to style my Sleeper Scarf with a “Rocker” look. So, of course, part of channeling rockstar energy is having the courage to be bold with our choices. In Joan Jett, Pat Benatar, and maybe even Rihanna fashion, I picked up my pink Sleeper Scarf and styled it around a look ready for the stage…..or the sidewalk (same thing, right?)

I opted for a pair of black leggings with leather panels, paired with spiked stiletto sandals, and a black leather jacket. I also went with a skull-printed graphic shirt, because what better occasion to pull something like that out, than this. So next time you’re getting ready to break into song, don’t forget to bring along your scarf; being cool doesn’t have to mean being cold!


What to Pack: Rome

by Tiffany Paul

The old saying goes something like, “When in Rome…”, insert the part where we finish off, “what do we wear?” An escape to Rome is what dreams are made of, and with all of its rich history, culture, food, and fashion, it is hands down one of my favorite cities. With ruins to discover, pasta to eat and shopping to be done, the last thing you want to be worrying about during your trip to beautiful Rome, is what to wear.


When packing, keep in mind what the weather will be like. Summers are relatively hot and definitely a time to opt for more breathable, loose-fitting fabrics, like the palazzo pants in the collage below. Not to mention, these comfortable but stylish pants will be your best friend when you’re over indulging in Italian cuisine! Mix elegant colors like navy and cream with fun summertime prints and patterns, like polk-a-dots or stripes. Rome is a city perfect for walking, so keep it comfortable during the daytime with a pair of espadrilles, sneakers or sandals. For evenings, high heels and cobble-stoned streets do not mix, so try a short wedged sandal instead.  


My go-to Roman summer look is a cute, casual day dress, which packs perfectly in my suitcase and saves me time when putting together an outfit. Paired with a medium-sized cross-body bag and I’m all set to explore the city and look great in all my pictures. Come night, I simply swap my cross-body for a clutch, add some statement jewelry to my dress and I’m ready for a night on the town. Don’t forget to stop by the Trevi Fountain for a great evening photo opp, with the fountain lit up behind you!


If it is wintertime, I make sure to pack a pair of rain boots as Roman winters can be rainy, but even if it’s not rainy, they can still be worn. I also opt for a good, warm winter coat and make sure you love it since most pictures will be of your coat rather than your cute outfit underneath. Take the pillow out of your Sleeper Scarf and wear your scarf to keep you warm. During my last winter trip to Rome, I pretty much lived in my winter coat, Sleeper Scarf and rain boots, so these are must-haves.

Check out more of my picks for what to pack for Rome on my my Pinterest board or explore my must-do and must-eat recommendations from my previous Rome blog post.

What to pack for: Rome

What to pack for: Rome (winter)