Style Guide: Preppy

by Tiffany Paul



Autumn has begun! Let the auburn-colored leaves fall and the pumpkin spice lattes warm our spirits as we get ready to embrace scarf season! For many people, school is back into full swing. I thought there couldn’t be any better time to be sartorially inspired by that classic, collegiate style than now. For this month’s Style Guide, I decided to channel a “Preppy” look, that would be the perfect mix of classic academia and sophistication.

I paired my gray Sleeper Scarf with a camel colored skirt, navy blazer, and white blouse.  Style Tip: To create the illusion of longer legs: pair nude heels with your outfits. This look is a great blend of classic neutral colors and cuts that will remain timeless for every Fall season and grow with you beyond the wonder years of school. So, when things get crazy with all the projects of life, it’s easy to looked pulled together with outfits like this.


Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Casual

by Tiffany Paul


Sometimes keeping it simple can be trickier than it really should be. Especially when you’re trying to look cute, comfortable, cool, and effortless all at the same time; it’s easy to get lost in adding that  sassy pair of earrings, a wedged shoe, maybe the ironed jeans with the cool zippers, and all the other things you might instinctively add.  The thing to remember in these cases is this: less is more (that includes the thinking process).

For this month’s Style Guide to “casual” I opted for a simple white T-shirt, boyfriend cut jeans (cuffed at the ankles for that little extra flair), and a pair of sandals.  I selected my gray Sleeper Scarf  and still maintained that effortless #wokeuplikethis (we all know I didn’t) attitude. This look works perfectly on any casual occasion that you can think of, in this case: lounging at a park. A scarf can really be the perfect thing to bring with you to keep that evening chill off, and keep the “chill” vibe. So next time you’re heading for a relaxed day out, be sure to take your Sleeper Scarf.



Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Business

by Tiffany Paul

This month’s Style Guide is for “Business." Often, I find myself going straight from the airport to a meeting & that being said: perfecting a business travel outfit is a must. A scarf will always come in handy when traveling, whether it get’s too chilly or you need a moment to catch some shut-eye. Then, on your way to work you can simply take out the inflatable pillow and maintain that polished, “It’s just business,” look.

For this look, I opted for a pair of gorgeous charcoal trousers, a black blouse, worn with my black Sleeper Scarf. I also included my trusted black pumps, a wardrobe staple for any modern business woman. I pulled my hair up into a sock bun, another know-how that will save you through your business travel times. The next time you’re in need of accomplishing a business savvy look, grab your Sleeper Scarf and layer it over your business basics. You’ll be ready to fly and handle any business presentation like the pro that you are!