What's in my carry-on?

by Tiffany Paul

Anytime you’ve ever boarding a flight, after you’ve checked your baggage, you must have felt that familiar sense of worry. What if you make it there, but your bags don’t? Well, you can save yourself that panic-inducing notion by packing your carry-on like a boss. After many years of traveling, both for business & leisure, I’m proud to say that I’ve gotten to know what my absolute carry-on essentials are.



You can click through the collage above & read on below to see why this is what’s in my carry-on.



  • My Sleeper Scarf. I never travel without my Sleeper Scarf & this means I always arrive to my destinations well-rested. Also, it’s an absolutely lifesaver on chilly flights. After I have touched ground, it’s easy to just take the air out of the pillow and wear it as a scarf.


  • Headphones; a great pair of headphones will never go unappreciated. Your Frends headphones will be your best friends when you need to escape into your own world.


  • An extra outfit; keeping an extra outfit in your carry-on will save you in the case that your luggage does get lost.


  • A healthy snack; pack a healthy snack for the plane or your hotel room.


  • Two reading materials. It is always best to take two reading materials just in case your mood should change from wanting to be inspired to wanting to know Hollywood gossip.


  • Olay facial cloths. These Olay facial cloths work magic to wipe away the makeup after the long day & will clean up any mess.


  • MAC pressed powder. This MAC pressed powder will keep your shine at bay & it is great to freshen up just before landing.


  • Sugar Lip Treatment. It is very easy to dehydrate your skin on a flight & your lips are  no exception. Make sure to keep them nourished and exfoliated with this lip treatment.


  • 3D Lash Mascara. When you’re in a pinch applying some mascara will instantly help make you look awake until you can truly sleep off the jet lag.


  • Eye Mask. Studies have shown that we are more likely to go to sleep in darkness; an eye mask will help you get whatever shut eye you can on any flight.


  • Notebook & Pen. Inspiration has been to known to strike at the oddest of hours; never be unprepared to jot down that million dollar idea or your itinerary down.


  • Wrinkle Releaser. Downy’s wrinkle releaser is my secret weapon for any wrinkle I need to fight on the go & just before any corporate meeting.


    What are some of your carry-on musts?


What to Pack: Rome

by Tiffany Paul

The old saying goes something like, “When in Rome…”, insert the part where we finish off, “what do we wear?” An escape to Rome is what dreams are made of, and with all of its rich history, culture, food, and fashion, it is hands down one of my favorite cities. With ruins to discover, pasta to eat and shopping to be done, the last thing you want to be worrying about during your trip to beautiful Rome, is what to wear.


When packing, keep in mind what the weather will be like. Summers are relatively hot and definitely a time to opt for more breathable, loose-fitting fabrics, like the palazzo pants in the collage below. Not to mention, these comfortable but stylish pants will be your best friend when you’re over indulging in Italian cuisine! Mix elegant colors like navy and cream with fun summertime prints and patterns, like polk-a-dots or stripes. Rome is a city perfect for walking, so keep it comfortable during the daytime with a pair of espadrilles, sneakers or sandals. For evenings, high heels and cobble-stoned streets do not mix, so try a short wedged sandal instead.  


My go-to Roman summer look is a cute, casual day dress, which packs perfectly in my suitcase and saves me time when putting together an outfit. Paired with a medium-sized cross-body bag and I’m all set to explore the city and look great in all my pictures. Come night, I simply swap my cross-body for a clutch, add some statement jewelry to my dress and I’m ready for a night on the town. Don’t forget to stop by the Trevi Fountain for a great evening photo opp, with the fountain lit up behind you!


If it is wintertime, I make sure to pack a pair of rain boots as Roman winters can be rainy, but even if it’s not rainy, they can still be worn. I also opt for a good, warm winter coat and make sure you love it since most pictures will be of your coat rather than your cute outfit underneath. Take the pillow out of your Sleeper Scarf and wear your scarf to keep you warm. During my last winter trip to Rome, I pretty much lived in my winter coat, Sleeper Scarf and rain boots, so these are must-haves.

Check out more of my picks for what to pack for Rome on my my Pinterest board or explore my must-do and must-eat recommendations from my previous Rome blog post.

What to pack for: Rome

What to pack for: Rome (winter)