Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Business

by Tiffany Paul

This month’s Style Guide is for “Business." Often, I find myself going straight from the airport to a meeting & that being said: perfecting a business travel outfit is a must. A scarf will always come in handy when traveling, whether it get’s too chilly or you need a moment to catch some shut-eye. Then, on your way to work you can simply take out the inflatable pillow and maintain that polished, “It’s just business,” look.

For this look, I opted for a pair of gorgeous charcoal trousers, a black blouse, worn with my black Sleeper Scarf. I also included my trusted black pumps, a wardrobe staple for any modern business woman. I pulled my hair up into a sock bun, another know-how that will save you through your business travel times. The next time you’re in need of accomplishing a business savvy look, grab your Sleeper Scarf and layer it over your business basics. You’ll be ready to fly and handle any business presentation like the pro that you are!


My Weekender Bag Picks

by Tiffany Paul


The thought of Labor Day always seems synonymous with barbecues, family get-togethers, a day off, and especially, a potential weekend away. The three day weekend is often times the perfect weekend for a little getaway; a chance to relieve those working woes and truly celebrate the labor movement. That being stated, it is also the perfect reason to shop for a weekender bag.


Weekender bags are perfect for that quick getaway, just big enough to fit essentials and just small enough to be easy to carry. If you’re someone who loves taking spontaneous trips, your weekender bag will become your best friend. Tip: Always keep your bag ready packed with some go-to outfits and travel toiletries. You can stash it in your trunk or your coat closet and you’ll always be ready to be on the move.


When shopping for weekender bags, it is best to keep in mind what kind of traveling you do and how you pack. If you have mastered the art of light packing and your trips are often to environments with various climates, opt for something durable like a sturdy canvas or leather. Alternatively, you could opt for a nylon bag which will be much more light-weight and also store easily for the times you’re not escaping for a weekend. Below are some great weekender bags that I have found, which would be a great starting point for that next weekend getaway you plan.


Vera Bradley Weekender

This Vera Bradley Weekender is the one I will be opting for. The quilted cotton makes for a classic, polished look. It is also available in the classic Vera Bradley colorful prints (though I chose the black) and it comes with a matching duffel.

Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.44.15 AM.png

Henri Bendel Weekender

Stay stylish and organized with this beautiful bag; it even includes a bottom zippered compartment.


Pottery Barn Weekender

The cool thing about the weekender bags from Pottery Barn is the option to monogram your bag for that personalized touch.

for it.


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 12.18.52 PM.png

Nine West Rolling Weekender

This bag features wheels; are you sold yet? With all the amenities of a full-sized suitcase and the color option of purple, its perfectly accomodating to all your needs.

Fossil Leather Weekender

A leather weekender bag can be a splurge to spoil yourself with. Why not? You’ve worked hard for it.


Athleta Nylon Weekender

This nylon weekender can double up as a gym bag & also features a yoga mat pocket.


Screen Shot 2015-09-07 at 11.50.30 AM.png

Vegan Leather Weekender

Sole Society offers this gorgeous weekender bag in gorgeous colors; the printed lining is fun too!

Don't forget to pack your Sleeper Scarf too!