Celebrity Airport Look: Victoria Beckham

by Tiffany Paul

Traveling and looking chic seems to sometimes be a luxury of those jet-setting celebrities, with their stylist in tow. How could someone not look “effortless” when someone else is doing all the stylish thinking for them?

To start off this monthly feature, I decided to turn to pop star-turned-fashion maven, Victoria Beckham. Her busy lifestyle as a mom, designer, business woman, and celebrity dictates a lifestyle of flight-ready outfits.  

The key for replicating that perfectly curated, yet easy fashion-forward look, lies in your basics. Victoria Beckham always keeps it clean and stylish by sticking to wardrobe staples like: a black blazer, an easy t-shirt, and a pair of denim cutoffs. She pulls off the “please excuse me while I look fabulous” attitude with her statement heels, while tackling that flight itinerary like a true #girlboss.

I had a lot of fun recreating this look myself and even created a short video for our YouTube channel while shopping for some Victoria Beckham “travel heels”. Click on the collage above for some Victoria Beckham outfit building pieces, including budget-friendly options to recreate yourself. 

Although it was fun searching for killer heels, when it came to being realistic and jumping on a flight to L.A. the week following, I put together the below look, ditching the sky high Victoria Beckham heels for wedges. Because, come on, we can’t all be superstar fashion goddesses with soccer-star husbands, but we can be “inspired”. It was a little too warm to rock my Sleeper Scarf, so threw it in my bag for later and enjoyed my power nap on my quick flight from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Take a look at my outfit and click through the collage to find the pieces.

Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel to see all the fun we had recreating Victoria Beckham’s airport look & stay tuned for next month’s Celebrity Airport Style feature.