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Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Casual

Sometimes keeping it simple can be trickier than it really should be. Especially when you’re trying to look cute, comfortable, cool, and effortless all at the same time

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Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Cozy

November is decidedly the perfect time of the year for scarves. With Fall in full swing and the weather just cold enough for us to all reach for hot chocolates, a scarf can be the one accessory you won’t want to leave behind.

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My Weekender Bag Picks

The thought of Labor Day always seems synonymous with barbecues, family get-togethers, a day off, and especially, a potential weekend away... It's the perfect reason to shop for a Weekender bag.

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My Travel Subscription Box Picks

One of my favorite things to do whenever I’m traveling is eat the local cuisine. I make sure to ask locals about the best places to go, sign up for food tours, and read all the yelp reviews that I can. Unfortunately, traveling can’t always be a monthly treat, but wait what if it could be?

Well, thanks to the amazing new trend of at-home subscription boxes, we can indulge in treats from all around the world, right in the comfort of our own home. The first one I ever tried was from a company called Universal Yums which features treats from a new country every month starting at $14 per box.


A sneak peak inside my very first Universal Yums box featuring treats from Japan. Every month is a different country and boxes start at $14 each.


Check out our YouTube channel to see my reactions to my Universal Yums Japan box here and my India box hereI had so much fun I wanted to check out what other options were out there. Lucky for us, there are tons of great options to choose from. 




Don't let the name fool you, it's not just candy these boxes deliver. Unlike Universal Yums which themes their box by country each month, these boxes feature both candy and snacks from a variety of countries around the world every month, for $10 a month. Check out my first BoCandy box experience on our YouTube channel here.



Hazel Lane features city-themed boxes packed with local goods from U.S. cities. What a fun way to “tour America, the great!” This plan comes quarterly, for $45.



Escape Monthly harkens back to the “Calgon, take me away” days, by delivering full size luxury products and travel guides, for $50 a month.



Global Delights delivers seven international food items monthly, for $36 a month.



Try the World delivers a gourmet box from different countries every two months for $39.

Subscription boxes really are the ultimate way to “treat” yourself - pun intended! There is no better way to try new treats from around the world, from the comfort of your very own home. So go ahead, and treat yourself and try something new! Do you have a travel subscription box service you subscribe to and love? Tell us about it below!


Sleeper Scarf Style Guide: Beachy

Being a California girl, means I love the beach. So when launching this monthly segment on Sleeper Scarf style, “Beachy” was the first style I wanted to showcase.

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