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It’s Time To Break-Up With Your Bulky Neck Pillow

Meet Sleeper Scarf, the only infinity scarf with a built-in, inflatable neck pillow.

How Sleeper Scarf Works

Sleeper Scarf wears as an everyday scarf. When it’s time to get some beauty rest, unwrap the scarf and unzip the hidden pocket to reveal air valve. To inflate, pinch back of valve to open, then blow to your desired firmness. Drape the scarf around your shoulders to keep warm while resting. The neck pillow is removable so you can wear the scarf alone after you have arrived to your destination. The pocket is perfect for storing your cash, ID, or room key. 

Patent D695, 996 and D741, 0425

Sleeper Scarf - $39.99

Perfect for planes, trains, buses, and car rides!

  • Discreetly transport your neck pillow inside a fashionable scarf

  • The zippered pocked is perfect for storing cash, ID and room keys

  • To inflate, unzip hidden pocket, pinch back of air valve and blow

  • A stylish solution to carrying bulky neck pillows

  • Neck pillow is removable so you can wear scarf alone

  • Machine washable 99% Rayon and 5% Spandex

  • 77 inches in length, perfect for wrapping

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