How do I inflate Sleeper Scarf?

To inflate, squeeze the back of the valve with two fingers, then blow. To deflate, again squeeze the back of the valve to open the airway and give the pillow a gentle squeeze.

Is the Sleeper Scarf pillow removable?

Yes, the inflatable pillow is removable so you can use the pocket to store other valuables safely while traveling. The scarf is also machine washable once you have removed the pillow.

Are your items machine washable?

Sleeper Scarf is machine wash safe with like colors (no bleach). Remove pillow before wash. Dry flat or tumble dry low. Sleeper Mask is machine wash safe on delicate and best laid flat to dry.

What fabric is the Sleeper Scarf and Sleeper Mask made of?

Both our Sleeper Scarf and Sleeper Mask are 95% Rayon and 5% spandex

Is Sleeper Scarf only for cool weather?

While the seasons change, flights are kept cool year-round. Therefore, we recommend Sleeper Scarf for year-round travel. Our scarf is compact enough to easily fit in a purse or suitcase until boarding the plane. Once on board, you will appreciate the warmth and coziness Sleeper Scarf provides.

Is the Sleeper Spray TSA approved?

Yes, Sleeper Spray is 2.6 ounces which falls under the TSA requirement that travel-sized containers are 3.4 ounce or less.

How do I use the Sleeper Spray?

Our Sleeper Spray can be used in a variety of ways both at home and while traveling. We suggest onto your Sleeper Scarf or Sleeper Mask to ease the mind and drift into sleep easily. You can also spray onto your clothes, wrists, or bedsheets.

Where are your products Manufactured?

Our Sleeper Scarf and Sleeper Mask were designed in Los Angeles, CA and manufactured in China. Our Sleeper Spray is manufactured in Bellville, OH.

Do you offer two valve options?

We used to offer two different valves, but our traditional inflation valve become our best seller so we discontinued the other option. You can still purchase the other premium valve from Lewis & Clark on Amazon here and insert into your Sleeper Scarf.

What should I do if my pillow leaks?

While quality is a top priority, occasionally a pillow experiences a leak. Please contact us should you need a complimentary replacement. To ensure you get the very best experience, we always recommend testing out your pillow in advance of a trip, so you’re not stuck on a long haul flight without a pillow.

What is your return policy?

We guarantee your best sleep on a plane, train, bus or car or your money back. Please contact us if you are not satisfied with your products and we will work to resolve any issues or refund the purchase price.

Where can I buy your products in-store?

Sleeper Scarf can be found in-store at most NordstromRack stores in their travel department along with in airports at Cibo Express retailers.

Do you offer gift sets or wrapping?

We don’t currently offer gift notes, but our Sleeper Set does ship in a white gift box, perfect for gifting.